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Our Mission

Far Hills Power Yoga is an infrared heated Yoga and Sculpt studio committed to helping you become stronger, calmer and more present in life. All of our classes combine strength and flexibility with breath and a mind-body connection.  Our instructors guide you through thoughtful sequences that are designed to help you take on life with a healthy body and a clear and focused mind. We are dedicated to creating a comfortable and clean space for you to connect and grow. Growth is the most important thing at Far Hills Power Yoga. We look forward to empowering you throughout your journey!

Infrared Heat

Our infrared radiant heating system has incredible life-changing benefits:

-removes toxins from the body

-purifies the skin and is anti-aging

-increases metabolism and energy

-improves brain function

-boosts the immune system

-relieves muscle and joint pain

-lowers blood pressure and more


If you have been outside on a sunny day, the warmth of the sun on your skin is infrared radiant heat.  While indoor heaters do not emit UV rays like the sun, they provide the same warmth and incredible life-changing benefits.  The key characteristic of infrared light is its ability to penetrate even the deep layers of the skin. Infrared light heats the body from within, instead of heating the air around you. This raises your core body temperature, providing a catalyst for detoxification and healing—A deep, detoxifying sweat at the level where toxins reside! 


About the Owner

Hi, I’m Ali! I was raised in Southern Indiana/Louisville Kentucky and attended college at Indiana University.  I have degrees in Kinesiology with a specialization in Physical and Health Education and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology.  I have studied movement and the mind for almost 20 years.
After graduate school, I had two sons and entered the NYC/NJ health and wellness world working with professional athletes, corporate professionals and new mothers like myself. I fell in love with yoga while recovering from a running injury and soon earned my yoga certification followed by several specialty yoga/movement certifications for athletes, children and teens. I specialize in all sports while doing extensive work in the NHL and with student athletes.  I founded Far Hills Power Yoga with a dream to share my knowledge and passion for healthy movement patterns in the body and strength in the mind.

My classes include thoughtful mobility sequences, breath-work and empowering mindfulness tools. I use my psychology background to blend mental training with healthy movement to create a powerful growth system for the body and mind.  I believe that we can all reach our full potential through a strong mindset and a healthy body, and it’s never too early or too late to create empowerment in our lives.  Far Hills Power Yoga, the time is now! Let's go! 


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