Our vision here at FHPY is to help our community grow physically, mentally and spiritually.  Throughout the year we will be proudly hosting some of the best wellness practitioners in the area as they share with you their expertise and knowledge in their specialized field.

 Celebrate Good Times! 

Join FHPY all weekend as we celebrate our
6 month Anniversary on May 21st and 22nd! 

We have a special schedule with added classes along with refreshments and prizes all weekend! We also welcome you to our Open Houses to see what our studio is all about!

Saturday May 21st

8am Power Yoga

9:15am Power Sculpt

10:30am Power Yoga

12pm Yoga for Beginners

1:30-2:30pm Open House

3pm Power Yoga

Sunday May 22nd

8:45-9:15am Guided Meditation

9:30am Power Yoga

lam Slow Flow Yoga

1-2pm Open House

4pm Yin + Pin:

deep stretch + acupuncture

Guided Meditation
Sunday May 22nd, 8:45-9:15am


Learn to meditate or expand your practice with a guided meditation combined with mindful movements.  Lead by Peter Dakota Shalit, a Mindfulness Educator at the college level, this class will help you form a committed relationship with meditation and introduce you to its endless benefits that include increasing self-awareness, focus, creativity, patience and forgiveness, reducing negative emotions, lowering resting heart rate and blood pressure, improving sleep and more. In our world full of distractions and technology, meditation is needed now more than ever. Bring a yoga mat, block, meditation cushion, bolster, or anything you feel may support your meditation practice. 


Sunday May 22nd
4 - 5:30pm, $45

Join Katrina, a licensed acupuncturist and our Saturday 10 am teacher for a 90 minute deep dive into the practice of yin yoga complimented by the healing benefits of acupuncture. Together, yin and acupuncture work to release tension and create ease in the body. This class is perfect for anyone experienced or new to both acupuncture and yin! Limited spots will be offered so be sure to reserve yours in advance. 


MindSTATE: How and why mindset is more than thinking...and what you can do to train it.

This workshop will dive into the often-talked-about-but-elusive-to-train "mindset" in a simple, highly actionable, and powerful manner.  Participants will learn the theory, philosophy, and neuroscience that inform this paradigm shift and more importantly what practical tools, models, and exercises they can do to help them train and improve their greatest asset. 


About Bill Anthes

Bill is a former All-American collegiate athlete, US Army Special Forces Green Beret, soon to be licensed therapist, and founder of BTWN THE EARS. Upon completing his military service, Bill wanted to share with people some of the most powerful lessons he's learned over a lifetime of succeeding in high stress, high stakes, high performance cultures without having them quit their jobs, leave their families, and abandon their lives.


He created a system to train physical, mental, and emotional fitness that can be applied to anyone who seeks to improve from within. Bill's MindSTATE system is implemented by clients around the world, from elite special operations soldiers to youth athletes and anyone who simply wants to feel better in body and mind to live a more fully engaged life.