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Our vision at FHPY is to help our community grow physically, mentally and spiritually.  Throughout the year we will be proudly hosting some of the best wellness practitioners in the area, some of whom are our teachers, as they share with you their expertise and knowledge in their specialized field.


Yoga, Mobility and Sports Psychology for Student Athletes

Our owner, Ali G, brings her expertise and passion in yoga and mobility for athletes to FHPY.  Ali works with youth, HS, college and pro athletes and co-founded Elevate Athlete Performance to teach athletes mental toughness, confidence building, mindfulness and injury prevention.  Elevate hosts summer sessions for student athletes in June and July.  Ali also hosts pop-up workshops for student athletes throughout the year. 



Performance excellence takes mental toughness and a dynamically strong body. Our philosophy is built on 8 mental skills that are necessary to sustain athletic success. Every Elevate athlete will understand how Vision, Belief, Discipline, Resilience, Honesty, Leadership, Inspiration and Presence will empower their athletic performance and their life. Having a consistent yoga and mindfulness practice allows an athlete to establish a lifelong habit of self-awareness. When combined with understanding joint mobility, functional movement patterns and breath-work, athletes experience their full potential.



Ali Grzyb has an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and a Masters in Psychology. She draws upon her in-depth studies of sport specific movement to teach yoga, mobility and mindfulness to NHL teams, as well as youth and high school sports teams throughout North Jersey. Coach Ali is passionate about teaching student athletes the benefit of efficient functional movement for peak performance and a lifelong healthy body.

Degrees, Certifications and Affiliations:

  • Bachelor’s in Kinesiology

  • Master’s in Psychology

  • 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

  • 25 Hour MYP Yoga for Athlete Coach

  • 50 Hour Joga Movement System Certified

Ginger Comstock has a diverse background in sports psychology counseling, strength and conditioning and yoga. Each of these modalities empower athletes to reach their full athletic potential and demonstrate that an athlete who is open to utilizing their mind and body equally will be more successful. Coach Ginger uses team training as a sports psychology tool to build team cohesion and team culture, and is the Sports Psychology Counselor at a preparatory school working extensively with varsity teams and individual athletes.

Degrees, Certifications and Affiliations:

  • Master's in Clinical Social Work

  • Master's in Sports Psychology

  • Certified CrossFit Coach, Level 1 and 2

  • Bikram Yoga Certified

  • Baptiste Yoga 200 hour



  • Mobility Training (followed by a short break)

  • Sports Psychology (followed by a short break)

  • Yoga


$385 per athlete



Far Hills Power Yoga Studio

Weeks TBD. Monday - Thursday, 3 hours per day. 



HS freshman and above.  If you have a younger athlete interested in coming, please contact us about them!  



Please contact with any questions about your athlete, the session or registration. We look forward to strengthening the minds and bodies of our FHPY student athletes!

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Join Katrina, a licensed acupuncturist and one of our FHPY teachers for a 90 minute deep dive into the practice of yin yoga complimented by the healing benefits of acupuncture. Together, yin and acupuncture work to release tension and create ease in the body. This workshop is perfect for anyone experienced or new to both acupuncture and yin! Limited spots are offered so be sure to reserve yours in advance. 

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