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Thursday, October 5th
6 - 8PM 

Join instructor Michelle Bass for this two hour workshop where we will break down the foundations of Power Yoga.  Together, we will explore how improved physical alignment will lead you to a new edge in your practice.  You will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of physical alignment cues and how to apply them to the most commonly taught poses in a power yoga practice.  In addition, you will learn how to harness the power of ujjayi breath to take you further into a pose.     


This workshop is suitable for all students, regardless of experience, and is specifically designed for students who are looking to improve foundational skills and alignment knowledge.  


Come prepared to discover what is possible in your body and in your practice through learning more about alignment!  Expect a supportive learning environment, hands on assists, and improved confidence in your yoga practice.


Cost: $50



We feel so excited to offer a fun and intellectual experience for our clients to connect and grow!  Our book club will be led by Jen Beasley, a sculpt teacher at FHPY, an avid reader with a degree in English Literature and a mom of 4 kids and 2 cats. :) Jen leads with fun, laughs and wonderful questions that reflect the book and our lives.  Reading + Fitness = our motto, Strong Mind, Strong Body


✔️ Meetings will be held on the last Thursday of every month @ FHPY. 


✔️ We will provide you with a new book every month.


✔️ Monthly membership of $30 / month.


✔️ Theme nights and refreshment ideas welcome. To start- BYOD&S (bring your own drinks and snacks)


✔️ The first meeting will be September 28th 6:30 - 7:30PM. Email jen@farhillspoweryoga to sign up!


Fall Dates Announced Soon

Join Katrina, a licensed acupuncturist and one of our FHPY teachers for a 90 minute deep dive into the practice of yin yoga complimented by the healing benefits of acupuncture. Together, yin and acupuncture work to release tension and create ease in the body. This workshop is perfect for anyone experienced or new to both acupuncture and yin! Limited spots are offered so be sure to reserve yours in advance. 

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