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Our signature infrared heated power vinyasa class that links breath to movement to strengthen and lengthen your muscles and spine, stabilize your core, decrease tension and tightness in muscle tissue and detoxify your body.  Set to motivating music, you will leave uplifted and relaxed.  Variations and modifications will be given. This class is for all levels!



This class is FUN!  Set to inspiring music in our infrared heated studio, you will take a choreographed class with heart pumping intervals and muscle toning movements for your core, arms, glutes and more. Movements are designed to boost your overall strength and endurance! Take this class barefoot or in grippy socks, and bring your own 2 pound weights, ankle weights and a yoga mat. 




A private class is tailored to your unique needs, skill level and allows for you to ask questions and deepen your knowledge of your practice.


Yoga Flow is the perfect compliment to our power flow classes. This vinyasa class aligns a deliberate sequence of poses with longer holds while deep concentration on the breath helps you move intentionally throughout. Yoga Flow will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and recharged!


In our infrared heated studio, this class is where strength training meets barre! This total body, low impact, high energy, workout tones and sculpts every muscle group while improving mobility in your joints.  Choreographed to the beat, the intentional movements will strengthen your mind-body connection.  You may use your own bodyweight or bring a pair of 1-2 pound hand weights and/or a set of ankle weights. 


Yin + Pin is a blend of Yin Yoga and Acupuncture.  Both rooted in Chinese medicine, the two work together to release tension, create ease in the body and promote overall well being.  This class is great to get a taste of what acupuncture is like for the first time or for anyone experienced to enjoy acupuncture within a welcoming yoga community.


Sculpt & Burn has total body, low impact sculpt movements that are designed to challenge the muscles in the body and create lean muscle tone while building strength.  These intentional movements are inspired by core strength, joint mobility and toning the entire body. This class will strengthen your mind-body connection and is performed with your own body weight to fun beats. Get ready for a muscle burning, sweaty release!


This fun and welcoming class introduces children to yoga by teaching body awareness and breathing techniques. Yoga poses inspire children to build self-confidence while gaining coordination, strength and flexibility.  We encourage children to be brave and never give up! Watch the schedule for pop-up classes or email us to schedule your private class or party.


Student athletes face many pressures today with demanding academics, family life dynamics, the rise of social media and their sport schedules. This class teaches sport specific movements to reduce injuries and increase flexibility, balance, and core strength. Mindfulness and breathwork teaches athletes to control thoughts, reduce anxiety and increase confidence.

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