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200 Hour Yoga 

Deepen your knowledge of yoga and build a strong foundation for teaching others.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is led by Alison Grzyb (Owner of Far Hills Power Yoga) Michelle Bass (Baptiste Certified Power Yoga Instructor & Owner of Leapfrog Power Yoga) and Lindsay Pearce (E-RYT 500). Our team also includes contributions by Heather DiDomenico (Licensed Professional Counselor for over 20 years), Dimitry Polakov (Founder of Total Physical Therapy with over 30 years of clinical orthopedic experience) and Susie Murphy (Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor).

Our Promise

You will leave this training empowered to step up as a student, as a teacher, and as a leader on your mat and off.  Through the practices of asana, meditation, and inquiry, you will be left transformed and connected to yourself and to the world like never before!

This training will deepen your personal practice, help you find your authentic voice, and leave you with a deep sense of community whether you intend to teach yoga or not.

We invite you to come as you are.  We believe that this practice and training are accessible for all humans regardless of age, background, body type, etc. To be a powerful and effective yoga teacher, all you need is an open heart and an open mind.  No yoga or teaching experience is required.  All are welcome! 

Coursework Includes

  • Deep understanding of healthy physical alignment for traditional yoga poses + modifications and adaptations

  • Sequence & Methodology inspired from Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga

  • How to safely and effectively sequence a yoga class, including variations to JIP

  • The art of assisting & connecting to students through hands on assists

  • Essential language and cueing

  • How to give and receive feedback

  • The Authentic Teacher: Finding your unique voice and delivering your messages and personal experiences in a way that inspires 

  • Anatomy and Physiology as it relates to practice and teaching

  • Yoga philosophy, traditions, and history

  • Foundations in breathwork, meditation and mindfulness 

  • The business of yoga

  • The artistry of making a playlist to compliment the practice


Facilitation Team 


7 weekends with 2 mid-week zoom calls

-Friday evenings

-Saturday and Sunday full days

  • Training will be held at Far Hills Power Yoga. 

  • Sessions include physical practices, practice teaching, lectures, discussions, partner and group work, and breaks to hydrate and refuel. 

  • Homework assignments, including reading and journaling, will be assigned.  Written papers will be handed in.

  • Required Reading List available 

DIRECTORS: Alison Grzyb, Michelle Bass and Lindsay Pearce 

Inner Leadership with Heather DiDomenico, LPC

Anatomy with Dr. Dimitry Polyakov, C.MDT, FMT, NKT 


Alison Grzyb is a passionate teacher of Yoga and Mindfulness.  She has over 500 hours in certifications including athletes, kids and her most recent 300 hour training at Lyons Den Power Yoga in NYC. Ali’s love of studying movement began at Indiana University with undergraduate degrees in Kinesiology and Education and a Master’s  in Psychology.  She walked into her first yoga class as a runner recovering from a back injury, fell in love with the demanding and healing physical practice and eventually dedicated herself to the mental connection as well. Ali currently teaches yoga to professional athletes in the NHL, collegiate athletes at Rutgers University, corporate companies and is the founder and owner of Far Hills Power Yoga.  After 20 years of studying movement and the mind, she is so proud to grow a studio that stands for both physical and mental health and empowers the connection between the two. 
Ali’s classes include thoughtful mobility sequences, breath-work and empowering mindfulness techniques, and she cannot wait to share these teaching tools with the trainees.  Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, you’ll feel Ali’s southern warmth, positivity and wealth of knowledge throughout this training!

Michelle Bass
has accumulated over 1,000 hours of training in Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Methodology directly through the Baptiste Institute and Baptiste Affiliate Studios.  She completed the highest level of training within the Baptiste Institute, FIT to LEAD, in 2018 and has been a Certified Baptiste Teacher since 2016.  In her career, she has been a contributing teacher to seven power vinyasa yoga teacher trainings.  She is excited and grateful to be co-leading the next Far Hills Power Yoga + Leapfrog Power Yoga teacher training with Ali Grzyb and Lindsay Pearce. Her teaching style has expanded and transformed continuously since teaching her first class in 2009.  Since then, she has taught approximately 2,000 yoga classes in person and virtually.  In 2021, she opened Leapfrog Power Yoga, an infrared heated power yoga studio located in New Providence, NJ with her husband Andrew.   Her class is a mix of fire and water infused with lessons learned in her daily life as a business owner, wife, and mother of two young children.  Over the past 15 years, she has cultivated the powerful and life-transforming tools of Baptiste Yoga to live a life that is both present and authentic, while learning to navigate the highs and lows of life with acceptance and resiliency.  She is committed to always doing the work of this practice, and she empowers her students to do the same.

Lindsay Pearce is a 500 E-RYT who began teaching vinyasa yoga following her initial teacher training completion in 2017. She has since completed an additional 300 hours of training and has over 1,000 teaching hours. This will be the second 200 hour teacher training program that she has facilitated. Lindsay’s educational background includes a degree with honors in Neurobiology from Drew University and dual minors in Spanish and psychology. In 2017, she defended her thesis in cellular molecular neurobiology and had her research published in the field as a contribution to Alzheimer’s Disease research.
Lindsay is very passionate about sharing yoga with others as she has seen first hand the impact that it has had on her own life, as well as the lives of those close to her. She is even more passionate about teaching teachers, and is truly honored to have the opportunity to co-facilitate the first Far Hills Power Yoga Teacher Training.  

Dr. Dimitry Polyakov is the founder of Total Physical Therapy in 2002 is an orthopedic & sports medicine trained physical therapist. He has over 30 years of clinical orthopedic experience including treatment of amateur, Olympic and professional athletes from the NCAA, NBA, NHL to the NFL and MLB. Dimitry uses a functional biomechanical model of treatment that analyzes movement dysfunction and the compensation patterns that are created as a result. Focus is placed on the “how” and “why” of recovery so as to maintain the gains met with each session. Dr. Polyakov is internationally certified in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy of the Spine. Dimitry Polyakov is also a Graston Technique Certified Practitioner which incorporates high-caliber instrument assisted deep tissue mobilization.

Dimitry received his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from The University of Connecticut in 1994 where he was a member of the Men’s Div. 1 Swimming team.  He received his International Credentials in Spinal Mechanical Therapy from The McKenzie Institute International, New Zealand in 1999.  Dr. Polyakov received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey in 2010, his Fascial Movement Taping Certification in 2015 & his Neuro-Kinetic Therapy Level 3 Certification in 2016.

When not treating patients, Dimitry is busy running around with his wife Jackie & their two children Nika & Alik. Dimitry is also an avid amateur photographer, guitar hero and ski bum who on occasion also enjoys entertaining his two dogs Bono & The Edge.

Yoga History and Philosophy with Susie Murphy

IMG_3337 2.jpg

Heather DiDomenico, LPC   "As a marriage and family therapist and relationship coach for 20 plus years, I have developed a style of personal growth and development called inner leadership.  In my experience; our greatest impact on the world comes with a clear vision of who we are from the inside out.  Through mastery of our thoughts, emotions, physiology, energy and our will, we can be influential leaders in our relationships, familys, work places, and communities.  


With a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family therapy from Seton Hall University and a double major in Psychology and Exercise Science from Rutgers University, I am blessed to own a private practice for the last 17 years preparing growing clinicians, who with my leadership, teach and lead individuals, families, kids, and couples in a life of true meaning.  I am also a long time student having spent countless hours in the yoga room as a way to foster my own journey in life.  I am honored to be amongst a community of teachers and students in this yoga training where we can embody the opportunity to learn, grow, teach and lead together.  


Tier 1



Tier 2

4 payments of $1,000


**Deposit of $500 is due upon acceptance into the training.  The deposit will be applied to the total cost.  Payments are non-refundable.

**Includes a 30 Class Pack to FHPY for the duration of the training.  10% Discount on all Class Packs purchased during the training. Also included, FHPY Teacher Training Manual and Graduation Celebration

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